Nike’s Social Media and (third party) Advertising Cookies

For social media and advertising cookies (of third parties), we refer you to the websites and statements of these third parties. We strive to keep this list up to date, however due to the non-static nature of websites and considering that Nike has no control or influence over these third parties it could be that this list is not accurate or out of date.


Network Domain Function Privacy Policy
Adobe Creative Cloud   Content Management
Adobe Experience Cloud

Akamai Technologies   Analytics, Data Aggregator
Atlas    Advertising
AWIN   Advertising
Blue Core   Data Management Platform
Bounce Exchange Retargeting
Branch Metrics Inc Data Aggregator
Brightcove   Advertising
Certona (Resonance)   Content Management, Advertising
Cloudflare   Website Optimization
Drawbridge Analytics, Retargeting
Facebook Business Analytics and Retargeting
Facebook for Developers Social Media
Flashtalking Retargeting
Google Analytics   Analytics
Google Advertising
Iovation Tracker
Jivox Advertising
NewRelic Analytics
Pingdom   Content Management
Pinterest   Social Media, Mobile
Segment   Analytics, Tag Manager
Tealium Tag Manager
The Trade Desk Data Aggregator, Data Management Platform, Mobile
TurnTo Networks and Social Media
Twitter   Data Aggregator, Mobile, Social Media
Usabilla   Analytics