Learn more about Account Linking


By connecting your Nike Membership and Partner accounts, you gain access to select Nike Membership Benefits when you shop with our Partners.


These include: 


And more depending on your Nike Settings.


What is Account Linking?


Account linking allows you to connect your Nike Membership with the Partner’s Member Program. While your Membership accounts are connected, you will have access to select Nike Membership Benefits when you shop with our Partners.


You will also be able to see all your Nike and Jordan Brand product orders (completed with select Partners) in your Nike Membership profile.


How does Nike use personal data from Account Linking?

When you give your consent to link your accounts, Nike will use the data obtained fromAccount Linking, including purchases and returns, to build the Partner Orders page shown in your Nike Membership account.


This page will allow you to view and manage all your Nike and Jordan Brand purchases. This also includes returns listed in the same place, regardless of whether you bought the product from Nike or from the Partner.


Nike will also use this data to personalize your Nike experiences on our platforms. For example, we may suggest for you similar Nike or Jordan Brand products based on what you have bought from the Partner. If you have opted-in to receive marketing emails from Nike, the information related to your linked account may be used by Nike to send you (personalized) communications. If you have given Nike your consent to the use of advertising cookies, you will receive tailored Nike ads via our advertising partners.


How do I remove this data from my profile?


You can disconnect your accounts at any time by going to Linked Accounts in your Nike Settings and hitting “Disconnect.” Disconnecting your accounts will not terminate your Nike Membership or delete the purchases that you have completed with Nike.


If you unlink your accounts, Nike will remove all personal data obtained through Account Linking from your profile. However, we will keep a de-identified version of the data for analytics purposes without directly identifying you in accordance with Nike’s retention policy.


You can exercise your rights to access, transfer, correct or delete your personal data by filling out this form here. For more information about your rights, please read our Privacy Policy.


How do I manage my account with the Partner?


Even while they are linked, your Nike Membership and your account with the Partner are independent from each other.


For any information about your Partner’s membership, how to manage your account with the Partner, information included in Partner’s account and Partner’s return policy, please contact the Partner.


The Partner operates independently from Nike. The privacy practices of the Partner, including details on the information they may collect about you on their own platform, are subject to the privacy policy of the Partner, which we strongly suggest you review.


Direct Marketing Preferences Still Honored


After you have connected your Nike account with one of the Partner accounts, Nike will continue honoring your existing preferences about how we should communicate with you for direct marketing. 


If you have opted-in to receive email marketing, you will continue to receive emails. If you have opted-out from receiving email marketing, connecting your accounts will not sign you up for any new email program.


Account linking does not impact your choices about whether Nike should email or text you about products or services unrelated to the account linking functionality.